CliRSnow taken as integral example of Open Science

Former colleague features CliRSnow in MOOC

Media coverage: Future Alps paper

Overview of the coverage in press, online, and other media

Results in Brief article on EU CORDIS platform

CliRSnow has been featured with a dedicated article by the European Commission

Il primo archivio di osservazioni giornaliere di altezza neve al suolo nell’arco alpino: analisi delle tendenze dal 1971 al 2019

Summary of the Alpine snow depth paper in Italian, published in Nimbus

E-learning course on snow and ice

An online course for high school students based on the content from the snow dossier

Eurac internal course on advanced plotting with R

Eurac internal R course

School orientation webinar

Promoting the study of mathematics to South Tyrolean high school students

Media coverage: Alpine snow paper

Overview of the coverage in press, online, and other media

Media coverage: Snow Dossier

Overview of the coverage in press, online, and other media

Snow Dossier

Developments and effects in South Tyrol and the Alps - Brochure for general readers

Piece for Eurac's blogs on Covid-19 and beyond

Technology won't save us

Institute heads and group leaders meet representatives from the province

Because of Covid-19 not all the institute can participate

Eurac's Marie-Curie-Week 2020

Virtual Q&A session with the fellows

High school students interview climate scientists

Four students (two locals, two exchange students from the Netherlands) arrived from Bressanone to interview Alice and me on climate change in South Tyrol. They were preparing a paper project, and wanted some scientific advice on climate change topics in general, and more concretely in South Tyrol.

European Researchers‘ Night

Lunga Notte della Ricerca Bolzano

Fridays For Future South Tyrol organizes climate conference at Eurac

Climate conference at Eurac

Eurac's Marie-Curie-Week 2019

Q&A session with the fellows